Sunday, March 18, 2012


WOOHOOOHOOOO!!! Today was a SMASH HIT!!! Straight SHOT to the top of my list of AWESOME photoshoots...And soooo much fun...

Ok...So today was the day of the "Gunner Gyrls" shoot and there were some unexpected obstacles...We all arrived for 9am with the expectation that the buikding we scouted out would be used...OUT OF THE BLUE comes the MAN in BLUE... "GOT OFF MY LAAAWN!!" Well actually the location was private property...AAAAARGHHH! (My Pirate grunt..). So we gathered our stuff but NOT with our tails tucked between our legs...More like with our enthusiasm still flaring and ideas racing...

(ASH TEEBS TO THE RESCUE!) She arrives just in time to provide us with yet another spot that we could shoot...So "PLAN B" was in the making as I'm rushing along the car trail of Teebs (Model); Kristina (Model); Stacey (Wardrobe/Art Director); and Jeff (Photographer).  We arrive at the new location hoping for the best; and booooy did we GIVE OUR BEST!!!

As I get there Jeff; Stacey; and I started scoping the possibilities...And how ENDLESS they were.  A lil warm up session to loosen the back...

Then it got HOTTER as we took to the rooftop!!

Then a lil Hotter just cuz they CAN!!! ^_^



But the party didn't end there...However to see the rest you need to visit these beautiful young ladies on facebook and "LIKE; LIKE; LIKE..."




And then "LIKE" some more...




Then take a rest stop to my good friend Jesena "NaturalSense" Latson's jewelry...

Yes today was a wonderful and fun packed day and I couldn't have done it without these wonderful People:

Jeff (Photographer) The Lighthouse Studios

Stacey Marchio Johnson (Wardrobe)

Jesena "NaturalSense" Latson Unique Jewelry Design

And my pals and dearest buddies Ash & Kris...(YOU GUYS ROCKED!!!)


Until another fabulous photoshoot...

Peace & Blessings...^_^



Friday, March 16, 2012